More About Me

Alright, so I know I have a little blurb on my sidebar, but really, how much can you tell about a person in less than 200 words? So, for anyone who was curious, I will now demonstrate how completely terrible I am at describing myself.

Name: Kendra Meredith
Age: Twenty-two
Occupation: Nanny!
Likes: Lace, flowers, rain, thunder, buying underwear (seriously, it's getting ridiculous), coffee, tea, cooking, baking, laughing, hugs, spending time alone, reading, writing, singing, playing guitar, playing piano, role playing (nerd!), gaming (nerd!), board games, puppy cuddles, kitty cuddles, boyfriend cuddles, cuddles in general, music, eyeliner, chapstick, and so many other things that I want to list, but can't because this is already way too long.

Dislikes: The smell of cigarette smoke, smoking period, feeling like I have no control over a situation, sitting still, creepy crawlies (spiders, bugs, TICKS, snakes, etc.), bad dreams, sleeping without blankets, constant negativity, being too hot, lukewarm food and tepid drinks, when all the ice melts in my coffee before I can finish it and makes it taste all nasty and watery, weak coffee or tea, feet, slimy pick up lines, and again, lots of other things that I won't list because this is already getting too long.

Anything Else? Not especially! I'm generally very friendly and enjoy meeting and speaking to other people. I've taken voice lessons for over half of my life and written for just as long. My mother taught me to read when I was three years old and I've been devouring the written word ever since. I have yet to take the leap and start my own novel, but have ideas swirling around in my head, begging to be put down on paper so that hurdle may be crossed soon. ;D

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