Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apologies Never Sound Sincere on the Internet

So, I'm going to just take a moment and grovel. I disappeared after saying that I was back and ready to boogie with new reviews and ideas and oh man, when I made that post I so was. Then the next day came and I was slammed with a harsh reality: living in the city is expensive. More expensive than I had originally anticipated. And so, my job search began anew, only this time, I was looking for a second job and had limited availability because of my first. Fast forward two weeks and I landed a position as a book seller at Barnes and Noble. Heck yes!

So! This time I promise that I'm back and if for any reason that doesn't come true, bother me incessantly until I am. I really have no excuse not to be active because um, hello, I work in a book store. Dream job? Not quite, but almost.

New review coming in 5... 4... 3... 2....


  1. So, how is your job going?? I'm thinking of applying at Hastings....I think I can handle it, and they're only hiring seasonal.

    1. It's going well! I'm really enjoying it. As for Hastings, I worked there two years ago and really hated it. But I had a lot of medical issues going on personally and my mom had some as well, so that's part of the reason why. Plus, I never got to work with books. I was always a cashier, which I hated.