Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesdays: Katie MacAlister

Remember that new segment I was talking about last night? Well, here you have it! Wacky Wednesdays is a weekly segment in which I'll introduce my readers to a book, author, story, etc. outside of the YA genre, but that could still hold some interest for YA readers. If anyone else is crazy enough to think that this is something that they'd like to add to their own blog, please let me know and I'll make it into a weekly meme!

For my first Wacky Wednesday, I'd like to introduce everyone to a favorite author of mine: Katie MacAlister. Katie mostly writes in the paranormal romance genre, but has branched out into modern romance,  historical romance, YA (!), paranormal mystery, and even steampunk. She's fantastically funny and her characters share her rapier wit and comical sarcasm.

The very first book that I ever read by Katie was a modern romance called "The Corset Diaries". It's about a woman who is invited last minute to appear in a British reality program in which the contestants live as their ancestors did in the 1800's. From the very first page, I was captivated by Katie's storytelling and as previously mentioned, her fantastic sense of humor. Her characters are very human and the reader is pulled into their lives and will find themselves rooting for them, even in the silliest of situations.

After finishing "The Corset Diaries", I was eager to see what else this fabulous new author had to offer and I was far from disappointed. Her Dark Ones series offers a unique view on vampires (Moravian Dark Ones, that is) and while her books occasionally walk that whole cheesy romance line, Katie somehow manages to come out triumphant, having managed to avoid being cliche.

She has also published several books involving dragons (ah! so awesome!), the first of which is the Aisling Grey: Guardian series. Taking off from there, Katie wrote her Silver Dragons series featuring a much loved character from the Aisling Grey series, followed by the Light Dragons series. It was wonderful to see her using a creature so rarely perceived as "the good guys" as such.

I mentioned earlier that Katie had also written in the young adult world, and perhaps her most successful foray into the genre was with a book called "Got Fangs?". It was the start of her Ben and Fran series, which is eventually incorporated into her Dark Ones series as the characters grow older. As some may have noted, she uses a pseudonym for her young adult novels, the name being Katie Maxwell. For anyone who feels as though they aren't quite ready to adventure into adult subject matter (aka shameless smut), the Ben and Fran series is a wonderful book to start off with! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Katie's fabulous works, but would like to start somewhere a little less intense.

That being said, I would highly recommend any of Katie's books to anyone. Her writing is accessible, her characters are realistic and easy to relate to, and she's a master of her craft. She's also very dedicated to remaining open to her fans and regularly converses with them on her blog, personal website, and online community, all of which can be found here:

Katie's Livejournal

Katie's Personal Website
Katie's Online Community

I sincerely hope that everyone decides to give this wonderful woman a chance. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed!

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